Charles Baudelaire said that pure art is the creation of an evocative magic that gathers both the object and the subject, the world outside the artist, and the artist in his subjectivity. KitchenAid was born to be the very outside world to serve your creativity in the kitchen.

This strong commitment is based on three pillars that, like three notes in a harmony, are the perfect expression of professional performances, artisan quality and iconic design. These pillars will support your passion and they will support you every time you will experience yourself in a cooking performance with your KitchenAid appliances. KitchenAid. For the way it’s made.

KitchenAid knows that the power of imagination will always demand tools worthy of what inspires it. We are inspired by what nourishes the cooking passion and pushes us towards new limits to constantly improve ourselves. We are inspired by great master chefs, their techniques and their secrets.

We are inspired by professional tools and results that you can find in a Michelin starred kitchen: stainless steel, sous vide cooking, steam ovens and more.

Because at KitchenAid we know that only by truly understanding what makes the great ones great, we can offer the power of bringing creativity into your kitchen. This is the way each KitchenAid tool comes to life.

We put all this effort to reach the professional performance you need in the name of one passion. Your passion.

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