Lacanche range cookers – the envy of every kitchen

national range cooker lacanche cooker

Our Lacanche cookers range offers a variety of premium range cookers to suit all kitchen types and styles.

So whether you’re looking for an update of your exiting cooker, give your beloved kitchen a well-deserved ‘facelift’ or a complete kitchen refurbishment, our Lacanche cookers are certain to fulfil all our customers’ expectations, their specific requirements and acquired tastes.

You can achieve a new kitchen look and feel with one of our Lacanche premium cookers at the fraction of the full kitchen refurbishment cost.

Moreover, now you can make your Lancanche cooker truly your own by selecting the colour you like, handles’ shapes, door types, fuel type, width and much more. Your new Lacanche premium cooker will then be delivered to your door and installed completely FREE of charge by us.

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New ESSE 990 ELX range cooker offers double the hob capacity

Esse 990 elx range cooker

New ESSE 990 ELX range cooker incorporates three-zone induction hob, large plancha-style hotplate and re-engineered hotplate covers to deliver an increase in versatility.

ESSE’s exciting new 990 ELX cooker offers double the hob space to allow creative cooks to extend their cooking into the next dimension.

Combining the convenience of electricity with the versatility enjoyed by professional chefs, the innovative new 990 ELX cooker delivers the proven performance of ESSE’s best-selling electric range cookers with additional innovations:

  • Three induction zone hotplates with finger-tip control
  • Large 485mm x 455mm steel ‘plancha’ cooking plate
  • Heat-conserving hotplate covers that double as splashbacks
  • ‘Weightless’ recessed cover hinges to maximise hob space

These additions to an already proven product create the perfect partnership for enthusiastic cooks who love entertaining guests for dinner.

The 990 cooker will boil, braise, simmer, roast, fry, griddle and sear simultaneously.

Esse 990 elx cooker

The new three-zone induction hob offers fingertip control for precision cooking while the large steel plancha-style hotplate will griddle meat, vegetables or fish direct, or, if additional hob space is needed, will comfortably accommodate a multitude of pans.

The 990 ELX range cooker also keeps cleaning to a minimum thanks to the intelligently engineered new hotplate covers which double up as splashbacks.

In line with the rest of ESSE’s electric product range, the 990 ELX range cooker offers rapid heat-up times (less than 20 minutes from Slumber mode to 200˚C) and a programmable timer for the ultimate in efficiency and control.

In day-to-day use, the 990 is reassuringly fuel-efficient thanks to the performance of ESSE’s patented oven’s and power share technology – which directs energy only where it’s needed.

It can be installed in any kitchen with a double plug socket and because it does not require a chimney or flue – the 990 ELX can be positioned almost anywhere – including as a free-standing ‘island’ unit.

Esse 990 elx range cookerAdditional features for this cooker:

  • Room for SEVEN pans on the hob
  • Even cooking from patented ‘heat surround’ engineering
  • Independently controlled hob, ovens and grill
  • Rapid heat-up times from Slumber mode
  • Vented moisture control for perfect baking and roasting results
  • Full-width grill
  • Warming oven
  • Available in 20 vibrant colours – including modern matt finishes

Find out more please do not hesitate to contact us.

SMEG Cookers Range Expanded

SMEG - Portofino Cooker

Here at National Range Cookers we strive to bring you exciting new and updated cooker ranges whenever we can, and today we are pleased to bring you news of our stunning Italian-designed SMEG products.

We have expanded our range of cookers from the popular Victoria, Opera, Symphony and also Portofino ranges.

For extra peace of mind when purchasing a SMEG range cooker, we can now provide an extended warranty on selected SMEG lines, making National Range Cookers one of only a few retailers in the UK to be able to offer this to our customers.

Victoria Classic in its 50’s traditional styling and design, the ever-popular Victoria range is available in a wide range of sizes and colour tones to compliment any kitchen.

Opera – Ideal for a spacious kitchen, this unique cooker range has a robust design that brings style to your home and is built to last. If you have the space, then this range has sizes that include an impressive 150cm wide unit.

Symphony Clean lines and sophistication are the standout signatures of the SMEG Symphony range. Colours include black and stainless steel to give your kitchen that professional finish.

PortofinoThe Italian Riviera inspired Portofino range is new to the SMEG line-up, and we are confident that one of these 8 brightly coloured cookers will make a bold statement in your kitchen. Features for these cookers are some of SMEG’s most advanced to date, including LCD display, 3 fans, 5 cooking levels. These cookers can be set up as free standing or built-in to your existing kitchen layout.

For more information on the superb SMEG range take a look at our cooker section, or call our expert team today on 01902 717890.

Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen refurbishment

Many of us, homeowners, dream of having a modern and stylish kitchen that we can enjoy, whether cooking, entertaining guests or simply enjoying a meal as a family. Turning a tired looking kitchen into a stylish place doesn’t need to be a daunting task, it can be done in stages.

Nothing shouts ‘new kitchen’ more than one of our stylish range cookers in your kitchen.

National Range Cookers offer an extensive selection of range cookers that are not only practical kitchen appliances but also attention catching pieces, turning your kitchen into a homely family room with a touch of class. Replacing key elements in your kitchen, such as large electrical appliances, can give your kitchen a desired lift, making it look fresher and interesting, yet keeping it practical, all without the cost and hassle associated with a complete kitchen renovation.

Why not have a look if you can find a range cooker that suits you and your home? Browse our extensive range here or give us a call: 01902 717890

How to clean your range cooker’s enamelled surfaces

Range cooker by National Range Cookers

Today we give you advice on how to clean your range cooker enamelled surfaces.

Enamel is very sensitive to any harsh cleaning treatment, so to make sure you clean it properly and keep the surface nice and scratch free, you need to follow these few simple steps:

  • To clean the surface, use a sponge soaked in soapy water. If that doesn’t remove the dirty stains then try using gentle glass cleaning product or a grease removing product applied with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing or using any abrasive products to clean enamel, as these actions can result in leaving permanent marks on the surface.

NOTE: DO NOT use any metal, brass or cast iron cleaning products, as the chemicals in these will leave the enamel finish permanently damaged.

Cleaning your range cooker ovens

Orange Lacanche range cooker

Cleaning your Lacanche range cooker ovens is really easy, providing you follow the official advice and tips, especially when it comes to using chemicals.  However, any standard oven cleaner can be used in any Lacanche oven.

NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleaners on the oven walls. Special oven cleaning products may be used.  However, these chemical products must not be used on any electrical elements, thermal probes, rubber gasket/seals, and hinges. The oven door gasket may be removed when using chemical cleaning products.  After the use of cleaning products, please remove all residue from all surfaces.

To ensure your ovens are thoroughly cleaned and thus properly working, please do not forget to clean also the rear covers.  This ensures that the cooling  louvers are not blocked with fatty deposits.  NOTE: Do not spray cleaning product directly on the louvers in the rear cover, as this may result in the cleaning product sticking to the back wall.

Once you have finished cleaning your Lacanche range cooker ovens, please double-check that all parts, that you have taken off, are properly mounted back.

How to clean range cookers, today’s part: Stainless steel

cleaning range cooker

In the following weeks we are presenting you with some helpful tips on how to clean different parts of various range cookers.

Our range cookers are not only efficient kitchen appliances but also striking design pieces making your kitchen look and feel impressive and yet incredibly homely.

However, if you want to keep your range cooker looking good and also performing well, you need to make sure you keep it clean. Continue reading “How to clean range cookers, today’s part: Stainless steel”

Friday ‘keep cool’ recipe

Now, that you have one of our amazing range cookers, why not try some of our recipes?!

Get inspired, check our blog regularly for practical advice on how to clean our cookers and also for more mouthwatering recipes.

Fillet steak with courgette spaghetti in a homemade avocado and basil pesto

1 or 2 (3,5cm) beef fillet steaks (one large is enough for two people)
Olive oil
Pepper, salt to taste
3 larger courgettes – use spiralizer to create spaghetti shape Continue reading “Friday ‘keep cool’ recipe”

How Exciting!

New National Range Cookers Website

Carvers are pleased to announce the launch of their new website The website has a fresh look and feel and has been designed with user in mind, so that it is easy to navigate and the visitor can quickly find the information they are looking for.

The website has been designed and developed by digital media agency Clickingmad Ltd.

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