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LOFRA was founded in 1956 by the Lovato Brothers who, in the post war period, began producing caulderns with materials coming from remnants of war, then switching to the production of camping stoves, heating stoves and finally to stainless steel gas cookers for domestic use, to meet the basic needs of consumers.

The real turning point came in the mid-eighties, when management and control passed to the sons of the founders, who give the company its first organisational and managerial structure, an absolute novelty in the Italian north-east industrial landscape of the period.

In these years the company grows up, giving special attention to the quality of the finished product, through market research and analysis, consolidating its leadership in the production of gas cookers and high quality ovens for the high-end market segment.

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Lofra Logo



The Lofra selection of freestanding cookers are grouped into 6 ranges:

  • Curva
  • Dolcevita
  • Maxima
  • Professional
  • Rainbow
  • Special

Each with a unique design and functions. Each of these are listed in full detail in the brochure ready for you to download below.

National Range Cookers are proud to be one of the first in the UK to bring you the full range of freestanding Lofra cookers.

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