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The Steel Cucine range of freestanding cookers and accesories are grouped into 4 ranges:


Each of these are listed in full detail in the brochure ready for you to download below.

National Range Cookers are proud to be one of select few in the UK to bring you the full range of Steel Cucine rangecookers.


To download the Steel brochure (PDF) click the button below:

The Steel story is a family story.

It starts in 1922 when Angelo Po, set up his original company and his craftsman-ship in stainless steel helped in producing the first hand made stoves and later, the production of high quality appliances for restaurants.

In 1999 the third generation decided to set up a new activity according to the ways of its grandfather. Their intuition is that to move the technology and the know-how acquired in the production of professional kitchens to the domestic market. Today Steel produces a wide range of stainless steel range cookers with high end functions.

It is all about those who feel like a chef and who also desire a safe, stable and long lasting quality product.

A combination of technology and reliability, to satisfy everybody’s demands.

Offering high efficiency burners for traditional cooking, barbecue plates for lovers of griddle cooking, teppanyaki plates to prepare perfect fish and vegetables, and of course induction for the lovers of the latest cooking systems.


Steel Cucine Style


The Steel Cucine range cookers are offered in a variety of colours and materials:

Steel Cucine colour options

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