Esse Plus 500 Electric Companion Hot Cupboard, With 3-Zone Induction Hob (32Amp)-Lava-500mm

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A versatile left-hand-side companion to any of our beautifully crafted cast iron range cookers, this adds two valuable strings to any serious cook’s bow: perfect slow-cooking, and simple but highly effective plate-warming.

  • Electric
  • 300kg
  • 900(h) x 500(w) x 600(d)mm

The Plus 500 is beautifully simple. With its two capacious warming cupboards, which maintain a temperature that never wavers from 85-90°C, it couldn’t be easier to keep everything at precisely the right temperature – no matter how many you’re cooking for.

But we’re not just talking about a versatile “supporting actor”. The Plus 500 is perfectly capable of taking centre stage, enabling you to turn out mouth-watering slow-cooked dishes in your sleep. Or, for that matter, while you’re at work.

Topped with a 3-zone induction hob to maximise the cooking versatility

As with all our electric cookers, plug-in-and-cook convenience comes as standard

  • Variable Power Options
  • 3-Zone Induction Hotplate
  • Maximum Versatility
  • Oven temperatures reach 89-90°C
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ESSE have been making traditional cast iron range cookers and wood burning stoves since I854. Esse’s unique woodfired cooker is a true woodburner and delivers unrivalled efficiency and carbon neutral cooking and heating. ESSE ranges are available as Wood Burning, solid Fuel Oil and Flueless Gas Cookers on both NG and LPG, which shows range of individuality. Come to Carvers Cooker Centre, talk to our experienced and friendly sales staff to find the right cooker for you.

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