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It handles ingredients like a regular processor, and will chop, knead, mince, emulsify, whip and purée. Then it cooks them the way you would – boil, fry, stew or steam. Beginner cooks will find themselves tackling increasingly adventurous meals. Home-made pastries and bread are a breeze: all that kneading is handled by the machine’s special dough blade, in record time. And hard to tackle sauces – from béchamel to hollandaise – will become an easy everyday addition. This gleaming dream machine consists of a stylish 4.5 litre stainless steel pot with ergonomic handles, hinged lid and feed opening, so you can add ingredients even while others are cooking. Our patented StirAssist feature gently flips and stirs ingredients, cooking them evenly and ensuring ‘stirred-by-hand’ results. The mini-bowl with matching blade is perfect for smaller quantities like pesto, pastes and baby food. Get inspired with our beautiful free cookbook and smart App for step-by-step guidance to classic meals.

Key Features

  • All-in-one cooking appliance including a wide range of standard accessories and cooking temperatures (from 40°C to 140°C)
  • 6 automatic cooking modes.
  • Free Cookbook, smart App and Microsite
  • Thick aluminium plate reaches high and precise cooking temperature (140°C)
  • Unique and stylish 4.5 L Stainless Steel cooking bowl with a wide base, ergonomic handles, hinged lid, and a feed opening.
  • Specially designed StirAssist accessory.
  • Premium design: die-cast metal body, metal knob and levers, and premium finishes in different colours.

Technical Specifications

Max. wattage 1500 W
Wattage motor 450 W
Wattage heating element 1050 W
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Body Material Die-cast metal
Height of the product 411
Width of the product 314
Depth of the product 342
Height of the packed product 426
Width of the packed product 460
Depth of the packed product 430
Gross weight (kg) 12,07
Net weight (kg) 10,14
Max capacity fill line 2,5 L
Capacity pot 4,5 L
Electronic temperature sensor Yes
Programmable timer Yes
Indicator lights No
Length of electrical supply cord (cm) 100 cm
RPM (blade) 100-2300

General Specifications

Commercial code 5KCF0104BCA/1
Cookbook Yes
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KitchenAid knows that the power of imagination will always demand tools worthy of what inspires it. KitchenAid are inspired by what nourishes the cooking passion and pushes them towards new limits to constantly improve ourselves. KitchenAid are inspired by great master chefs, their techniques and their secrets. KitchenAid are inspired by professional tools and results that you can find in a Michelin starred kitchen: stainless steel, sous vide cooking, steam ovens and more.

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