Kitchenaid Kit 5FVSFGA (5FGA + 5FVSP)


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Kitchenaid Kit, consisting of 5FGA and 5FVSP together in one package.

Food Grinder: For mincing and grinding meat, fish, vegetables, dried bread, firm fleshed fruits as well as cheese.

Fruit and Vegetable Strainer: For puréeing soft fruits and cooked vegetables. It strains the food to a purée and separates any pips, stems or skins.

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KitchenAid knows that the power of imagination will always demand tools worthy of what inspires it. KitchenAid are inspired by what nourishes the cooking passion and pushes them towards new limits to constantly improve ourselves. KitchenAid are inspired by great master chefs, their techniques and their secrets. KitchenAid are inspired by professional tools and results that you can find in a Michelin starred kitchen: stainless steel, sous vide cooking, steam ovens and more.

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