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Fisher & Paykel Cookers - origin story

Fisher & Paykel started in New Zealand when Olive Paykel asked her husband to import a new appliance - a refrigerator - that she had seen in the American Ladies' Home Journal. Success of the refrigerator imports, other products such as washing machines quickly followed.

With the company - subsequently being run by Olive's son Maurice Paykel and their son-in-law Woolf Fisher - grew quickly by importing appliances from the United States, until the New Zealand government banned imports of manufactured products due to the currency being in such short supply in 1938.

As a way around this ban, Fisher & Paykel decided to change tack and import parts - allowed by the government - to then assemble appliances under licence in their new factory. Although this way of production was successful, the returns and economies of scale were limited and not sustainable long term so F&P decided that creating something unique and different was essential to their future.

In 1955 F&P acquired the cooking range manufacturer H. E. Shacklock Ltd, which as the dominate force in the New Zealand domestic appliance market. Shacklock had a rich history dating back to 1873, and some of their heritage is still shaping Fisher & Paykel's approach to building products.

Innovation has always been part of F&P methodology, and this has seen new thinking in various products such as the development of SmartDrive™ clothes washer, the DishDrawer™ dishwasher and world-first ActiveSmart™ refrigeration technology further set F&P apart as a design-led appliance manufacturer.

In 2010, Fisher & Paykel underwent a major brand refresh, rethinking the focus, look and overall culture of the company.

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