Lacanche Classic

Lacanche Classic

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Lacanche cookers have a refinement that makes them a joy to look at, to touch and to use. Solid beauty matched by power and versatility. Lacanche is a wonderful collection of semi-professional range cookers. Inspired by the pride and passion of the French for gastronomic excellence, they are superbly crafted and hand assembled in the Côte d'Or region of Burgundy, France: an area renowned for its fine food and wine.
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  1. Lacanche Bistro Hood

    Lacanche Bistro Hood

    As low as £1,370.00
  2. Lacanche Low Profile Hood

    Lacanche Low Profile Hood

    As low as £850.00
  3. Lacanche Classic Economy Hood

    Lacanche Classic Economy Hood

    As low as £850.00
  4. Lacanche Classic Range Hood

    Lacanche Classic Range Hood

    As low as £1,420.00
  5. Lacanche Brasserie Hood

    Lacanche Brasserie Hood

    As low as £1,510.00
  6. Lacanche Cafe Moderne Hood

    Lacanche Cafe Moderne Hood

    As low as £1,510.00
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