Lacanche Moderne

Lacanche Moderne

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A perfect blend of sophistication, elegance and performance, Lacanche Moderne cooking appliances (previously known as Westahl) are inspired by the functionality, technology and efficiency of professional kitchens and appliances. Lacanche’s modular system allows you to shape and select your cooking appliances and kitchen according to your very own cooking styles and requirements.
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  1. Lacanche Bistro Hood

    Lacanche Bistro Hood

    As low as £1,370.00
  2. Lacanche Low Profile Hood

    Lacanche Low Profile Hood

    As low as £850.00
  3. Lacanche Classic Economy Hood

    Lacanche Classic Economy Hood

    As low as £850.00
  4. Lacanche Classic Range Hood

    Lacanche Classic Range Hood

    As low as £1,420.00
  5. Lacanche Brasserie Hood

    Lacanche Brasserie Hood

    As low as £1,510.00
  6. Lacanche Cafe Moderne Hood

    Lacanche Cafe Moderne Hood

    As low as £1,510.00
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