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Rangemaster - origin story

The original Rangemaster range cooker, called the Kitchener, invented in 1830 by William Flavel and built on the same site as their current factory in Royal Leamington Spa which revolutionised how people cooked, the new ranges still share this original dedication to quality, design and innovation. Since that very first pioneering product, Rangemaster have been leading the way in creative cooker technology and performance.

The Kitchener could be used to boil, roast, bake and warm - all from the same heat source. It was hailed as one of the greatest domestic institutions of the 19th Century.

Following the death of William Flavel in 1844, his son Sidney Flavel took over and ran the company. He exhibited the Kitchener at the Great Exhibition, in Crystal Palace in 1851.

Between 1851 and the turn of the century, the Kitchener won many awards throughout the world. As the Victorian era wore on, the Kitchener went from strength to strength. Its status was recognised by everyone from Edward VII and the King of Italy to the Emperor of Germany - and even the Duchess of Gloucester, who was so impressed with the Kitchener she ordered one for Kensington Palace.

Sidney Flavel remained at the forefront of cooker styling and technology and his reputation for innovation remained. Indeed much modern domestic cooker technology has its roots in the Rangemaster development laboratories in Royal Leamington Spa.

The company were also the first to offer colour shaded cookers, the first to produce a dual fuel cooker and were responsible for the fold away grill.

In recent years they have won several ‘Good Housekeeping’ awards for their cookers, and are the top cooker in their price bracket.

Today Rangemaster are renowned as Britain’s top selling range cooker manufacturer, where they offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours to suit most peoples tastes.

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