Bertazzoni embraces the fine engineering and the superb food heritage of the Guastalla region. They are born of the land of Ferrari, Parma ham and fine pasta. This is why people around the world who know how to cook use Bertazzoni ranges and cooktops, built with passion and precision by people who know about cooking.

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It all started in the late 19th century when Francesco Bertazzoni, founder of the dynasty, saw wood burning stoves arriving in his home town of Guastalla, near Palma, Italy on a new railroad that connected with the industrial centres of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

These wood-burning stoves set Francesco to thinking, and with his son Antonio he decided to make stoves like the ones they had seen from the north – just for local use to begin with, and in very small quantities. So in 1882 the Bertazzoni Company was born.

After the upheavals in Europe of the 30s and 40s, the 1950s saw the start of a period of sustained growth. The first Bertazzoni gas tabletop units were introduced in 1953. These were followed by gas stoves, further perfected in 1958 with the addition of an oven.

The benefits in the kitchen are ease, efficiency and safety. Recent innovations include electric induction cooktops, dual-fuel models, electric multi-function ovens, and pyrolytic self-cleaning oven linings.

Precision engineered to the highest specifications for exceptional reliability and durability – a Bertazzoni appliance will last a lifetime.