Lacanche Modern

A perfect blend of sophistication, elegance and performance, Lacanche Modern cooking appliances (previously known as Westahl) are inspired by the functionality, technology and efficiency of professional kitchens and appliances. Lacanche’s modular system allows you to shape and select your cooking appliances and kitchen according to your very own cooking styles and requirements.

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Apart from their extraordinary heritage what makes Lacanche range cookers so different from other range cookers on the market today, is that they are still made to exacting standards by hand to order. They are solid and built to last, offering years of service in a demanding environment.

They offer phenomenal, truly professional performance, and extraordinary versatility. They have a deliberate, implicit simplicity, making them simple to use and maintain. There is an almost infinite variety of configurations combining the wide range of models with the various hob types, oven types, built in hob options, dual fuel options, shape and size.

Lacanche range cookers are individual, made to your own specification. They are also renowned for their elegant looks with 26 beautiful enamel finishes to choose from (or stainless steel) and four different trims.

The brand has been selling successfully in the UK for nearly 20 years, and as in other countries, many of our most respected chefs, cooks, cookery writers and journalists have or use a Lacanche range cooker.

These include Raymond Blanc, Jean- Christophe NoveIIi, Rowley Leigh, Lloyd Grossman, Kevin Woodford, Ken Hom, Rose Prince, Delia's Canary Catering, Bruno Loubet and Anton Edelman to name but a few.